Saturday, July 01, 2006

Next Generation Gaming

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Much has been written concerning the future of gaming with people throwing their support behind one of the Big 3: Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. With many more cheering for the PC. I gotts say I'm behind the Wii and PC 100%. The Wii is by far the most innovative counsel of this generation. The controller will make for a new and dynamic gaming experience, and players can also opt for a more traditional feel. Some people have said the Wii's controller will replace the traditional controller, but I disagree. The Wii controller will be different, and for many, more fun. Traditional controllers meet the need of traditional gamers.

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I have been away.

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My very last post was on Tuesday, November 01, 2005. Such a long time ago, but I have been busy doing important stuff. Stuff like working (14 hours a day, 6 days a week), doesn't leave a whole lot of time in the day. But work hours have been reduced and I am a happy man right now.
Well, I'll be back.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Un-American Unions

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The follwing is a nicely written Op-ed piece concerning the SEPTA strike/blackmailing. This was written on July 7, 1998 for the daily news but was not published because the strike ended on the 9th. Visit The Public Purpose

It was 222 years ago in Philadelphia that the ideal of government as the servant of the people rather than the powerful was born. Unrelated as it may seem, the SEPTA strike demonstrates how far we have drifted from the ideal

One of the principal issues in the strike is "management rights" --- the right to organize working arrangements to obtain the greatest amount of service in exchange for the fares and subsidies paid by the people. This is not a dispute between labor and management, rather the opposing parties are labor and the public. Indeed, "management rights" is a misnomer. They are public rights --- the riders and taxpayers have a right to services and fares that correspond to the level of funding, and they are not receiving it. When SEPTA workers are paid more than the going rate, SEPTA is less productive and the people are denied their rights to a full return. Within the bounds of the labor laws that protect all workers from overly burdensome or unsafe working practices, SEPTA's responsibility is to minimize costs and fares and maximize service for the riders.

Make no mistake about it --- up to this point SEPTA has served its powerful unions before the public. Employee compensation has risen to double the rates at comparable union jobs in the private sector. And the gap between average SEPTA pay and that of the average rider is just as large. SEPTA's excessively high labor costs mean that less transit service is provided at fares that are higher than necessary. In response, fewer people use SEPTA services. And the periodic strikes don't help. All of this combines with other factors to encourage Philadelphians to abandon the city. The SEPTA story is not unique; indeed the story is the same in other large US cities.

Philadelphia and other America cities need transit systems that carry more people, not less. This requires that they be servants of the people, not the powerful. The same is true of other public services in which unions extract more than their fair share at the expense of the people. It is time for a new American revolution in public services, one that affirms the ideal of government as the servant of the people. What better place for it to start than Philadelphia.

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Monday, October 31, 2005

Whiney Transportation Union Strike in Philadelphia

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The Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 234 and United Transportation Union Local 1594 stopped working as of 12:01 a.m., Monday, October 31, 2005. Buses, subways and trolleys are currently not operating. Regional Rail is the primary service available. Please visit the following pages for more information on travel alternatives during a service interruption.

What SEPTA Service is Running?
• Regional Rail – Train service will be the best way to travel in and around the City

• LUCY, Horsham Breeze, 204, 314 and the Cornwells Heights Parking Shuttle

• CCT Connect – Regular service will operate for registered ADA and Shared Ride customers. There may be some delays due to increased demand and local traffic.

What SEPTA Service is NOT Running?
• All City Transit, Frontier and Victory Bus Routes

• Market-Frankford Line

• Broad Street Line/Ridge Spur

• Subway-Surface Lines 10, 11, 13, 34, 36 and Trolley Route 15

• Route 100 Norristown High Speed Line

• Routes 101 & 102 Media-Sharon Hill Trolleys

Who is the most affected?

The people most affected by this ridiculous strike just happens to be poor people and those who live in the city of Philadelphia. The suburban people still get the Regional Rail. Strikes such as this is one of the reasons people are beginning to have a negative impression of Unions and wish for their destruction. Unions have a firm grip on the labor market that it is almost impossible to get employment if one does not join. Employers should not deal with Unions. What a wonderful day that would be.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Harriet Miers Withdraws Supreme Court Nomination

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Today Supreme Court Nominee Harriet Miers has officially stepped down as a candidate to fill vacant seat left by the Honorable Sandra Day O'Connor. The nomination of Miers has alienated many conservatives and the president has gotten a lot of heat for his choice. Chances are the president will elect a more conservative judge making his supporters very happy.

Update 10/27/2005 @7:255
Here are what some people are saying about the Miers withdrawl:

“This was an extremist veto of Miers’ nomination... Her withdrawal today demonstrates that the President is beholden to extremist groups rather than to the
American people."
Joe Solmonese Human Rights Campaign President.

"Harriet Miers is a fine and capable person, but this was clearly the wrong position for her. Her gracious withdrawal saves Harriet Miers and the country from a difficult and agonizing process and decision.'' Sen. Chuck Schumer New York Democrat

"collapse of leadership at the Bush White House... He should nominate someone who every American can trust to protect their fundamental rights and freedoms...” Howard Dean chairman of the Democratic National Committee

"So I think it is, again, a godsend for her, for the conservatives, for the president because now the president can make a nomination which reunites his sundered, divided, angry base and put 'em all behind him," Pat Buchanan

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lt. Governor Michael S. Steele Biography

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After witnessing the disturbing post about Lt. Governor Steele, I have decided to become an advocate of Mr. Steele. I wish him the best of luck and hopes he wins.
Here are exerpts from his official Biography

Since taking office in January 2003, Lt. Governor Steele has helped redefine the state's goals and commitment towards small and minority businesses in Maryland as chair of the Governor's Commission on Minority Business Enterprise Reform. More recently he chaired the Governor's Commission on Quality Education in Maryland, which recommended institutional reforms to improve the State's public education system.

Lt. Governor Steele works with state police and The Maryland Vehicle Theft Prevention Council to reduce crime and create safer neighborhoods...

Michael Steele was born on October 19, 1958 at Andrews Air Force Base in Prince George's County and was raised in Washington, DC. He graduated from Archbishop Carroll High School, earned his bachelor's degree in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University in 1981 and his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center in 1991. Mr. Steele also spent three years as a seminarian in the Order of St. Augustine in preparation for the priesthood.

In 2003, Lt. Governor Steele earned a place in history when he became the first African American elected to statewide office in Maryland. Currently he's the nation's highest-ranking African American Republican elected official and the only sitting African American Lt. Governor in the country.

In 2002, President George W. Bush appointed Mr. Steele to serve a term on the Board of Visitors of the United States Naval Academy. Other affiliations include the State House Trust, the East Baltimore Development Corporation, the Export-Import Bank Advisory Committee and the Prince George's County Chapter of the NAACP.

Among the distinguished awards and honors received by Lt. Governor Steele, he has been named a 2005 Aspen Institute-Rodel Fellow in Public Leadership and was awarded a Bethune-DuBois Institute 2005 Award for his work in the ongoing development of quality education in Maryland.

Yeah, he sounds like a real Smabo. /sarc

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Punk Democrats

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Over at The News Blog there is an incredibly racist and disgusting post. Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele has official entered the race for a senate seat. I wish Steele the best of luck and hope he does well, however the writers at the news blog are democrats/liberals and think that if a black person disagrees with them, that person is a Sambo. In his post the writer fails to mention what policies they disagree with or exactly why Mr.Steele would make a bad a senator. Mentioned only is that Lt. Governor Steele is black and a Republican. Why not blog about his credentials, his views on taxes, what role does the federal government has in the lives of the American citizen? It is clear that the bloggers at The News Blog are nothing more than bigoted group think assholes.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wednesday Night Photo

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Time for a walk.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Today's Photo

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Build me a home of brick and wood and every thing good.
With a front porch where I can watch fire flies at night.
A home with a basement and an attic.

A. Rock

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Lonely subway

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Day in and day out.
I needn't tell you how my day began.
Come rain, Come shine.
There it is day out, day in.

I'm really in a Nat King Cole mood.

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